GOLPP Research

Current research studies looking into GOLPP

University of Wisconsin-Maddison

On-going studies are happening at the University of Wisconsin-Maddison on Laryngeal Paralysis, specifically in Labrador Retrievers. You can learn more about their current research projects here.

Along with participants, what these projects require is funding! Unfortunately, there is not a lot of funding grants for canine studies. If you are interested in a financial contribution to further this research you can do so by supporting Beau’s Fund for Excellence in Laryngeal Paralysis Research.

Beau loved being a therapy dog but we had to retire him before he was ready to retire because he got so happy and excited when it was time for a visit that it exacerbated his breathing issues He was still able to enjoy sneau (our term for snow since he loved it SOOOOOO much) but couldn't enjoy it in the same way, he loved to body sled down our hill and also to create Beau sneau angels everywhere and just dive in the sneau and roll around. He could still do the latter to some extent but his mobility issues slowly took away his ability to do as much as he used to in the sneau and it was hard for him to walk through it, but he never lost his love for it and we gave him his last days in the sneau when we got a truckload of Zamboni sneau in Sept for him. He loved just laying on his pile of sneau every day for his last week.

As to why we started Beau's fund.....Watching and hearing Beau go through this disease, laryngeal paralysis/GOLPP, was difficult and sad. We hope that one day no dog will have to experience this illness and we want to do anything we can to make that possible. Helping research into this disease is how we make something positive come out of this horrible disease. Beau loved helping people in life as a therapy dog, and now his legacy continues to help. We hope that anyone who has had a dog afflicted with this disease would be motivated to help also and Beau's fund allows others a place to help. One day Dr Sample and all those doing research into this disease will unlock its mysteries and future dogs will benefit. It is an honor to have Beau play a small role through his DNA and his Fund. - Beau's Family